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Tractor & Combine salvage update for Oct 21, 2014

Lots of tractor salvage! Most units have arrived at our tractor salvage yards, but a couple are in transit and should be at our yards this week... Call 877-530-4430 for the best selection of used parts. And check out all the used RWA/mud hog (not our complete inventory of RWA!! Call for our latest used RWA Mug Hog inventory).
For used tractor parts call toll-free: 877-530-4430.

Mention the EQ-# listed on the photo when calling for quickest service or you can also use the EQ-# listed and search for that unit on our website (which might have additional information and photos, although some items may not yet be listed on our website)

CP-761 White 9700 RWA

CP-762 New Holland TR85 RWA

CP-763 White 8600 RWA

CP-764 New Holland TR98 RWA

CP-765 John Deere 6620 RWA

CP-766 John Deere 6620 RWA

CP-767 John Deere 6620 RWA

CP-768 John Deere 7720 RWA

CP-769 John Deere 7720 RWA

CP-770 John Deere 9550 RWA

CP-771 John Deere 9550 RWA

CP-772 John Deere 8820 RWA

CP-773 International 1680 RWA

CP-774 John Deere 317 cab

CP-775 John Deere 9870 tires rims

EQ-22413 Case IH 1200

EQ-22744 VERMEER 605

EQ-22770 John Deere 9610

EQ-22928 MACDON 5020

EQ-22993 John Deere 9650

EQ-23020 Case IH 1020

EQ-23038 Allis Chalmers 170

EQ-23129 Gleaner header

EQ-23134 Ford 540

EQ-23184 John Deere 2010

EQ-23201 New Holland 8770

EQ-23226 Versatile 160

EQ-23233 John Deere 567

EQ-23243 John Deere 2020

EQ-23244 Massey Ferguson 8570

EQ-23246 Massey Ferguson 8560

EQ-23261 Ford 8N

EQ-23266 Vermeer 605F

EQ-23273 Allis Chalmers D15


EQ-23276 Case 2290

EQ-23278 Gleaner R60

EQ-23283 John Deere 215

EQ-23290 Case 2290

EQ-23291 John Deere 4230

EQ-23292 John Deere 4020

EQ-23294 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper

EQ-23295 Allis Chalmers WD45

EQ-23296 John Deere 216

EQ-23298 Allis Chalmers 200

EQ-23299 John Deere A

EQ-23300 Case 300

EQ-23304 Vermeer 605

EQ-23307 Massey Ferguson 550

EQ-23314 New Holland 851

EQ-23316 John Deere 230

EQ-23317 John Deere 920

EQ-23317 John Deere 920

EQ-23318 John Deere 6620

EQ-23320 Case-IH 2188

EQ-23323 John Deere Floater Wheels

EQ-23326 John Deere 635F

EQ-23334 Case-IH 5088

EQ-23335 John Deere 9600